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  • As a business owner you may or may not have the budget and/or the ability to staff and run an entire Marketing Department. For a Marketing System to be effective you need a copywriter, a social media person (someone who gets how it works), a Facebook expert (at posting and getting engagement), a graphic artist, a photographer, a Google Adwords expert, a Facebook Advertising expert (both have to be experts at Retargeting also), someone who understands Press Releases (writing & distribution) an Organic SEO expert (on page and off page SEO) and a real branding pro (not just a graphic artist).

    To staff and manage a group like this would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, so you live without it and try to do everything yourself, or outsource pieces of it, and get frustrated with the results, understandably.

    I opened my first full Service, Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations in 1984. I spent about 10 years in Direct, Commercial, Business Equipment, door-to-door, cold-calling sales...and excelled. 

    I built my second full service Ad Agency in the early 2000's up to almost $5000,000.00 in less than 3 years. I personally have acted as Creative Director, Sales Manager and Managing Partner of these Ad Agencies.

    Fast forward to today, everything is online, the Internet, and everything changes all the time.

    I've learned how to leverage talent, assets, software and strategies to get incredible ROI's for my clients and I can do the same for you. 

    For one simple monthly fee my company can design, develop, implement and manage your entire Online Marketing and provide you with transparent reporting, regular meetings (via Skype or in person) and give you a single, accountable point of contact. This is like having a virtual full blown marketing department. This gives you, the business owner, your time back, removes frustrations, reduces stress and gets the results you have been looking for and expecting.

    "The Marketing World is changing under our feet every day. What used to work doesn't work anymore. An Online Ad might work at getting your site more traffic but nobody buys. People are buying/converting but the Cost Per Click is too high. There's not just one thing that you need and there is no magic bullet these days, you need a complete system. If one part of the system isn't working, it can affect your entire campaign.

    How do I know this?

    Because I have been building websites and marketing companies since 1996. I've tried everything and also had my share of failures. But with each failure I have learned. I've also had a lot of successes. Contact us today for a Free Online Marketing analysis, no obligation. Let me demonstrate to you what your own success with Online/Digital Marketing feels like. It feels great."

  • - Martin K. Walker