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  • Facebook Marketing

    If you just want to learn, technically, how to advertise on Facebook, it's pretty easy (https://www.facebook.com/business/products/ads). But, here's the thing. Facebook doesn't care if your ads don't work for you, they don't care if you are paying too much Cost-per-Click or if you get lots of clicks[...]

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    Using Press Releases For SEO

      We've been doing "SEO" since the mid-1990's. Why did I put "SEO" in quotes? Because "SEO" means different things to different people. Who knows what someone means when they say they "do it". What we mean is that we have done every possible aspect of it, since the beginning. Off [...]

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    Sales Funnels & Click Funnels

    Marketing has changed. You can't just "Run an ad" anymore. Back in the day you could just put an ad in the Yellow Pages and you would get phone calls. Well, the Internet has changed all that.  These days, it is much more sophisticated. This may be why you are not getting the results you expect,[...]

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    What Is Retargeting?

    Imagine you walk into a nice clothing store, you like the products, you look around, but nobody is there, no sales people, so you leave. That's what your website is like if you are NOT doing Retargeting. Every month about 75% of the visitors to your website are first time visitors. If they don't [...]

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    Search Engine Optimization

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