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  • Marketing With Instagram

  • Here’s The Thing About Instagram…

    It’s Huge.

    Marketing with Instagram

    As of early 2017 there were over 600 million monthly users. What does that mean to you?

    • It means that the people that like or need your product or service are on Instagram.
    • It means when you post pictures of things that are related to your product or service, other people, who have never heard of you or your company, will like them, and maybe follow you.
    • When they “follow” you on Instagram, they will see all your new posts.
    • When you get a lot of followers, it will drive visits to your website, calls and emails directly from Instagram and also, people clicking on directions on how to get to your business, if you are retail.

    How Do People Find Your Stuff?

    Mostly from the use of Hashtags (#hastags). Hastags were invented by a guy who used to work at Instagram. It’s a fast and easy way for people to find content they are looking for. Go to Instagram and type in any word you are interested in and put a “#” in front of it, you will see all posts that are related to that word.

    So, when you post to Instagram, put some hashtags that are relevant to the content of your post. If it’s about motorcycles, put #motorcycles, etc. This is how people will find and like your content. Put in a lot of hashtags so you increase your visibility (Instagram allows up to 30 total, but 5 to 10 usually work well).

    Try It For Yourself

    Create a free Instagram account, post about 20 pics over a 2 week period. Make sure to add proper hashtags and watch and see how many “likes” you get and how many “followers”.

    Instagram Account Management

    Don’t have time? Don’t care about learning “All about Instagram”? You are not alone! That’s how we get all of our clients! If you are interested, we can do the heavy lifting for you. We will post to your Instagram account for you and also work on building your followers, all for one low monthly fee. Month to month, stop any time and results are guaranteed. Please contact us for pricing or for more info.

    *That giant logo is copyright Instagram, we are not Instagram nor are we affiliated with Instagram, other than using it, and really liking it.