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  • Search Engine Optimization

  • The term "SEO" and "Search Engine Optimization" means different things, it's kind of vague. What it means to us is getting your website to show up in the top 10, preferably the top 5 search results when someone types in your keywords. There are two main parts to Search Engine Optimization:

    1. On Page Optimization and

    2. Off Page Optimization

    "On Page" Optimization means making sure your website has all of it's technical things in order, site speed, meta tags, alt tags, stuff like that. We can provide a free analysis if you like. 

    "Off Page" is pretty much building back links to your site, the right kind of back links, high authority, high trust flow, etc. 

  • How It Helps Your Business

    After you know what keywords you want to rank for, if you are in the top 3 of Google's search results, you start getting a lot of traffic to your website, every day, for free. That's why people do it. And that's why people pay Companies like us to get them up into the top 3. Once you have that traffic you make more sales. Does it cost to get you up there? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. Many times our SEO efforts have lasting results. You can run an SEO campaign for a year and then reduce it and still maintain your rankings, we do it all the time.

  • Getting Good Back Links

    If you get the wrong kind of back links to your website it can hurt your rankings. You can even get penalized. You have to do your homework, your due diligence, before you hire an SEO firm. Check out the site: Moz.com. They don't offer SEO services, but are the leading authority on SEO and what is working and why. They are a great resource for SEO information so you can stay informed and not be sold a bill of goods or get ripped off.

  • Tracking Results

    One of the first things we do, when we start an SEO campaign is to start tracking the ranking results for the customers keywords. We do this via a 3rd party software so it is unbiased and accurate. It gives us, the customer and us, a benchmark. Over time, we both can track the data, the ranking of the selected keywords. We also track traffic and the number of back links. We also track the quality of the back links. These reports are delivered to our clients weekly and we also create a live dashboard where clients can login and see real time statistics on keyword rankings.