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  • Introducing Common Sense SEO Training

    SEO Services can be very expensive, and you have to be very careful who you hire, since everybody says they “do SEO”.

    It’s easy to make SEO sound complicated and use “SEOSpeak”, but that gets on our nerves, so we don’t do that. We speak plain English, keep it simple and tell the truth.

    It has been our pleasure to have been in this SEO space for over 10 years with some massive successes and plenty of clients we can use as a reference.

    SEO TrainingWe are proud and happy to offer Common Sense SEO Training!

    Perfect for small business owners who want to do their own SEO, get the results and save thousands of dollars!


    Some of the things you will learn:

    • Why you are not ranking higher in Google
    • How Google works and what NOT to do (to keep your site from being penalized)
    • How to get your website to rank on page 1 of Google for multiple keywords
    • Choosing the right keywords
    • Local SEO, Google Maps, Google My Business
    • On Page SEO and Off Page SEO (proper, safe, effective Link Building)
    • Tips & Tricks we’ve used over the years
    • Website SEO Analysis
    • Website Backlink Analysis (very important)
    • Monthly keyword ranking reports and SEO Dashboard ($49.00 mo.)
    • Access to wholesale SEO software, platforms, providers and solutions

    You can save thousands of dollars by doing your own SEO if you know what to do. (you will also learn what NOT to do.)

    SEO Training Packages

    Package 1: $1250.00 

    • Up to 8 One-on-One :45 min. Phone Consultations with Martin Walker
    • Full SEO Site Analysis and Review
    • Includes Screen Sharing Walkthroughs
    • 90 Day email follow up
    • Complete training on every aspect of SEO
    • For Intermediate or Advanced SEO Professionals
    • Includes access to all SEO tools, providers and resources (as needed).
    • Includes 3 mos. of keyword ranking tracking, live dashboard and weekly reports (can be extended for $19.00 mo.)

    Package 2: $125.00

    • One :45 min. phone consultation with Martin Walker
    • Includes brief SEO review
    • Ask any questions about SEO, Ranking, Conversions, Competitors, Branding or Online Publicity.
    • Use as needed, no commitment

    Package 3 (coming soon!): Streaming Videos, $25.00 per video or $250.00 for all (One-on-One Custom Consultation included with the $250.00 purchase.)

    • Intro Video (free)
    • SEO Overview (Whiteboard)
    • Checking your ranking
    • Backlinks analysis 
    • On Page SEO
    • Yoast plug-in 
    • Keyword Analysis 
    • Tools and Resources 
    • Social Media Overview
    • Facebook Marketing 
    • Instagram Marketing 
    • YouTube Marketing 

    WordPress Training (coming soon!)

    To purchase an SEO Training Package call 909-206-8002 or use our contact form.