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  • Social Media Training For Realtors

  • Social Media For Real Estate Agents

    Cost: $20.00 per person (min. 10 people required)

    Time: :45 min. Plus Q & A

    At your office, day or evenings available.

    Learn How To:

    • Get MORE LISTINGS from Facebook/Instagram and other Social Media
    • How, what and when to post
    • Grow your followers, “likes”, etc.
    • What works, what doesn’t
    • What type of content to post
    • What platform (Facebook, YouTube.com, etc.) to focus on.
    • Social Media Tips & Tricks and software to use to make it easier


    Maximizing Facebook. Learn the difference between a Page and a Profile and how to use both to your advantage.

    1. Instagram. Learn how often to post, what time of day, what to post, what works best, why and what results you can expect.
    2. Additional Social Media Software. Learn about the software that the Pros use to post everyday, increase engagement, grow social media accounts and pull leads from.
    3. YouTube. How using YouTube can get you more exposure and more offers.
    4. Content. What to post, how often to post and coming up with great ideas of what to post; CONTENT.
    5. Martin Walker has over 10 years of experience using Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media to sell, get leads from and increase Brand Awareness for clients all over Southern California.

    More Information:

    Contact Martin Walker via text or phone at 909-206-8002 or fill out form on our Contact page.