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    Unless otherwise specified, client is responsible for providing all images and text (copy) for website. Content must be organized by page and provided by client via email in MS Word document. Content pasted into an email may not be accepted.

    Unless otherwise specified in writing, in the original proposal or invoice, a new website design project includes migrating existing content from old site over to new site.


    Images must be provided in proper format, which is .jpeg, .jpg or .png. Descriptions must accompany each image or filenames of images may also be description. Unless otherwise stated in writing, web design work does not include any image editing, resizing or cropping. If any of those services are required to complete web design project client may incur additional expense at the rate of $85.00 hr.


    If an appointment, either online, in person on phone, is scheduled and missed by client for reasons other than an emergency client may be liable for additional charges at company hourly rate.


    Content must be provided within 7 days of acceptance or project may be subject to be suspended and may also be subject to a reinstatement fee of $500.00.

    Website Edits

    During the course of a new web design website edit requests must be made in writing, must be clear and easy to understand. All efforts will be made within reason to make the edits according to clients’s needs.

    “Edits over Edits” or “Double Edits” may incur additional fees to client. An “Edit over Edit” is defined as, and understood by both client and agency, to be a material change to a previous edit, i.e. client changes their mind from an initial edit request. Minor edits are included in the design process. An example of a “material change” would be replacement of initial images/copy with entirely new image(s)/copy, not minor changes in copy/resizing of image(s), etc.

    Scope of Work

    Changes in material edits, new edits, new content, new images, unless originally specified and defined in the original proposal may be considered Out of Scope and may be subject to additional charges.

    Agency typically does not custom hand code each new website, as this process can be more expensive to client, more time consuming, harder for hand off editing and more difficult for client editing. A existing, customizable Theme is usually used for all new WordPress websites unless otherwise stated in writing.

    Unless otherwise stated in writing, the original Scope of Work includes making edits that can be done within the parameters of the theme in use, which will vary from theme to theme and may include functionality, layout, color and/or styling.

    Any edits requested that cannot be performed within the theme itself are defined as outside the original Scope of Work and may be subject to additional charges at the discretion of the Agency.

    Similarly, any edits requested that require custom coding also fall beyond the original Scope of Work and, upon the discretion of the Agency, may incur additional costs to accomplish.


    It is the responsibility of the client to make sure that they have the legal rights to all of the content on the new site, this includes images, videos and copy.


    Walker SEO provides advanced, premier web hosting. If hosting fees are not paid in a timely manner, or late, Walker SEO reserves the right to suspend the website for up to 30 days or permanently and irreversibly delete the website due to non-payment.

    In the event of suspension or deletion of a website(s) due to non-payment, Walker SEO reserves the right to charge a one-time reactivation fee.


    Our primary form of communication is email. Website edits requested or discussed verbally may not be accepted. Edit requests can only be accepted via email, all notifications, questions, etc. are made via email.

    A single point of contact is required for all accounts. Clients with partners or boards, etc. must select one person that has the authority to grant approvals and make final decisions on behalf of the company. Instructions, meeting, communication and directions will not be accepted from multiple sources. If requests are made from multiple sources and response is provided client will incur additional expenses at company hourly rate.

    Response is expected for every email sent and response is expected within 24 hrs. except for holidays, weekends or emergencies. Failure to maintain this response guideline may result in a project being put on suspended.

    Connection Speed

    A fast connection speed is required to view current, contemporary websites and is needed to review layout and functionality of website edits. A slower connection may result in false support requests, misunderstandings and misinformation. You can check your connection speed by going to speedtest.net.


    All invoices are due and payable upon receipt and late after 30 days. Invoices may incur a 10% late fee. All custom web development work is payable in advance.

    No Refund Policy

    No guarantees are made either implied or expressly, results from edits, SEO will vary from client to client and no refunds are available for any reason as all work is customized for each client.


    Walker SEO provides support for all services at no extra charge in many cases. Occasionally support may require additional fees dependent upon the nature of the issue.  “Support” is defined and understood to be, by both client and agency, to be resolving an issue that is not functioning as it was originally designed to do.


    In accordance with and in compliance with Federal anti-discrimination laws, Walker SEO can refuse service to any person for any reason, at any time and does not discriminate against any protected class based on Race or color, National origin or citizenship status.


    All monthly services require a 30 day notice for cancellation. Client may be subject to cancellation fee equal to monthly fee if 30 day notice is not received. Notice must be given in writing (email).