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  • Using Press Releases For SEO

  • This Is What A Good Press Release Can Do For Your Website Traffic

    Using Press Releases For SEO


    We've been doing "SEO" since the mid-1990's. Why did I put "SEO" in quotes? Because "SEO" means different things to different people. Who knows what someone means when they say they "do it". What we mean is that we have done every possible aspect of it, since the beginning. Off page, on page, backlinks, SEO software, automated, semi-automated, Private Blog Networks (PBN's), Exact Match Domains (EMD's), hell, we even have our own SEO software for Local SEO, PageInvasion and Local Spotlight, a schema plugin. Martin Walker is also a licensed WordPress developer and has been for years.

    Press Releases are my secret weapon. You see, you have to build back links to your website, and not cheap, free, or easy ones either, that's what everyone else is doing. The back links have to be real and from high authority and credible sources, like Fox News or CNN, that's how you boost the heck out of your rankings.

    The headline is one of the most important parts. It has to contain one of your main keywords. You have to know what is a good keyword for you, one that is relevant, has high monthly search volume and not that competitive, relatively. The release has to be written well and the subject matter has to be genuine, real and newsworthy. It also has to be optimized and go through proper distribution channels, not cheap or free ones, that's what everyone else is doing (again).

    We use different distribution channels, dependent upon our back link goals, we always diversify, we diversify everything. The premium distribution channel we use is PRWeb.com

    Take the confusion, frustration and worry off your mind and let us take over your PR. We work with you to develop, write and distribute all of your press releases and provide you with outstanding feedback and transparent reporting. All of our releases are written by senior people who have years of marketing experience and have U.S. based college educations, this is top dollar press release writing and strategic management. Contact us for more info.