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  • What Is Retargeting?

  • Imagine you walk into a nice clothing store, you like the products, you look around, but nobody is there, no sales people, so you leave.

    That's what your website is like if you are NOT doing Retargeting.

    Every month about 75% of the visitors to your website are first time visitors. If they don't call you, email you, subscribe to your email list or fill out a contact form, they just leave your site. So you are losing most of your website traffic. Statistically it is over 95%.

    How hard have you worked to get that traffic in the first place? God help you if you are doing a Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign and actually paying for that traffic.

    Retargeting is staying in front of the people who visit your website after they leave with no interaction. It's done using browser cookies and you have probably experienced it yourself. If you search for a sweater on Google, before you know it, you are seeing ads for sweaters on your Facebook feed; and maybe other sites you visit, like CNN.com or FoxNews.com

    There are 2 types of Retargeting Ad campaigns you can run: Facebook Ad Retargeting and Google Ads Retargeting. With Facebook Ads Retargeting you run your ad on Facebook, and if someone clicks on your ad, and goes to your website, but doesn't buy, your ad gets shown to them again as they click around on Facebook.

    With regular Retargeting, someone visits your website, they don't take any action and leave. When they leave and go visit other sites, they see your banner ads, reminding them of you, your product or your service.

    It takes 7 exposures to get someone to take action and buy something. 

    If you are not doing Retargeting you are leaving money on the table because those people visited your site already, they were interested in your product, service or brand at some level, at some time. And when they are reminded, they take action and buy. You recapture them. Find out more with a free Retargeting Consultation.